Become a mentor.

Inspiration, guidance, and reflection are invaluable tools during creative and educational development. In this program, Adobe partners with ico-D, the International Council of Design, to foster inspired conversation and collaboration between dedicated students and an esteemed design professional.

Ana Masut, ico-D managing director: "ico-D is thrilled to see the mentorship program come to fruition and to engage talented young designers in the global design community!"

Who are Adobe ico-D mentors?

Established design professionals are invited to deepen their involvement with the design community by sharing their creative insight with design students.

Adobe ico-D mentors are industry professionals or educators who are experts in the disciplines of digital design, photography, illustration, animation, or filmmaking. They have volunteered to mentor ADAA participants because they are passionate about helping students build successful career paths in design.

“It will be an absolute honor to collaborate with students and offer insight, experience, or inspiration to young creatives. Design education is something that is very close to me. When I started out in my career, I was very fortunate to have been involved in similar programs and I fully understand the value that this offers.”

Todd Anderson, ico-D mentor for ADAA

What is the Adobe ico-D mentorship program for ADAA?

The Adobe ico-D mentorship program for ADAA is composed of the 5/5/5 Mentorship and the Portfolio Review. In this dual program, each mentor works with 10 students chosen from the ADAA participants.

Apply to become an Adobe ico-D mentor for ADAA.

If you are willing to encourage a creative student by sharing your professional knowledge and insight, we are interested in having you join our international team. You should have a few years of experience working as a designer, art director, or creative leader. Apply now.

See the 2017 mentor profiles here: